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 Chiisai, Nova

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PostSubject: Chiisai, Nova   Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:18 am

Nova Chiisai

Code Name:




Messier Catalogue Number:

Blue hair flows down to her waist. Her eyes hold an empty gray color and almost always look dead. Her build is very small and she has almost no muscle. She's practically underweight because she won't eat unless somebody tells her to. She often has circles under her eyes for staying up much later than her body can sustain.


50 lbs

She's very shy and won't talk to anyone she doesn't know. She'll often have thoughts in her head that she interprets as signs from a higher being that's leading her about her life. She tries to avoid speaking at any time. She doesn't really care about living and completely depends on other people to make her take care of herself.

Uncontrollable Power/Abillity:
Creates destruction. She's able to form fire-less, radiation-less explosions of different sizes. She's able to force explosions, but these forced ones can only destroy organic things, unlike her other ones.

She only has to pay if she forces her power. If she creates a minor explosion, she has to pluck one of her hairs and wind it around four of her fingers 8 times on her left hand without doing any other action. If she creates a major explosion, though, she completely loses control in one of her limbs, starting with her legs, then arms, then lower body, upper body, and finally her head.

Hypnotic Trigger:

When she was born, it was known she was different. Her mom literally exploded while giving birth to her. From then on, she was seen as a cursed creature, a demon of sorts. But nobody ever thought to see her as something formed by Hell's Gate. Her father put her in a foster home, deciding he couldn't raise her on his own. She lived in the foster home for 4 years, until one of the older children sneaked up behind her and spooked her. At first the child just seemed to fall apart and when she turned and looked at him, the entire house fell apart. She ran away. Everything was frightening now, everywhere things seemed to disappear and fall apart. The police started to become curious. Many buildings seemed to just be falling apart for no reason, but they seemed to move in a line, as if somebody was traveling around. One day, the police caught up with her. She was surrounded and terrified. Everything around her seemed to just disappear. From there, she continued to run. She begged for money and food and, because of the pity people gave her, she got quite a bit. This worked for a while. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. She begged a complete stranger for money one day and received a kick in the face, followed by profusely bleeding chunks of corpse in front of her. She couldn't trust anyone. That was her rule. Two years passed when the police found her again. She was in an abandoned warehouse. The entire building was surrounded by police and they started to file in. There was no explosion. She wasn't afraid for some reason. She wanted to be afraid. She wanted them to all go away. She shut her eyes and hoped. Suddenly there was a high-pitched noise and all the shouting around her stopped. Her eyes opened. There were clothes and guns all over the floor, but nobody was there. She made a light sigh and tried to get up. She couldn't move her leg. What happened? She didn't see any cuts on her leg, it seemed fine, but she couldn't move it. She simply grabbed a metal pole and lifted to one foot. She started to walk, using the pole as a crutch to get around. Three years had passed of her just running on the streets, now stealing to get her money and food. It was a horrible life, but this is what it's become.

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PostSubject: Re: Chiisai, Nova   Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:45 am

looks good to me, but could you specigy how large the explosions can be? if so that would be great. but other than that

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PostSubject: Re: Chiisai, Nova   Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:47 am

Lol, they can be as big as I want them. Anyway, nice eye, you can be the approval mod here.
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PostSubject: Re: Chiisai, Nova   

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Chiisai, Nova
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