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 tenchi nakamura/Sagitarious

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PostSubject: tenchi nakamura/Sagitarious   Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:34 am

Name: Tenchi Nakamura

Code Name: Opressor, sagitarious

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Group/Organization: Syndacate

Messier Catalogue Number: F9-102

Appearance: tenchi is a calm looking black haired kid who egnerally wears a black cloak. he has black eyes and he has a fairly decent muscled body. tenchi also tends to have a tooth pick in his mouth, its a bad habit of his. tenchi has bandages on his left arm witch was caused from a previous injury in a fight as well as a scar on his chest.

Height 5.9

Weight 160

Personalty: tenchi is usually shy on concielled. he usually talks either in a shy low tone, or a normal calm tone. he tends to get shy around women and he respects them deeply. in truth the only one that had escaped his power was a women. he also tends to go of and stare into the clouds, its a hobby of his. he is very stratiegic and very smart when it comes to solving issues and combat. though, tenchi will become strangely serious if anyone calls him by his real name. he perfers sagitarious and only ones dear to him can call him tenchi nakamura.

power nullification/memory eraser
Contract Payment:
Must kiss any one for exactly 10-20 seconds

tenchi was a professional acrobatic when he was 14 and he would perform in the olympics multiple times and win many gold metals. his life was amazing and he coudn't ask for anything more. his family loved him, he was popular at school, he had a beautifull girlfreind. though this all started to change when his mom was mugged in the streets of his home town. After that, tenchi swore to protect all that he loved for. he took advanced combat training and Gun training along with his normal acrobatic training in order to protect his friends and family in order for them to not get hurt like his mother. Butr, even with these benificial actions, his family was revisited by the same man because he new that his family was rich and his freinds as well. they shot every one of his family members. the worst part of the masacre was that it was tenchi's birthday and his friends were going to hold a surprise party for him, thus they were also shot and killed as the criminal and his freinds robbed the place till it was empty.
When tenchi arrived at home, he discovered this terrible sight and he instantly paniced. he could decided what to do in a situation. When the police arrived, tenchi was in a pool of his family and freinds blood shaking in terror as he corrnered himself in the right corner of the house. tenchi was never the same. he was always quite, always held back when it came to emotions, and always hollow. But then tenchi decided to make a contract, a contract that he could never go back on. he took this burden because the one who killed his family was contractor. he new what they were, but he also new in his current state, he wouldn't be able to kill him or her. Thus he made the decission and became on as well. a new star came up that day and he called it sagitarious after the star system. this was his name he took on as he dropped his other name. He then realized he had the most beificial power when it came to killing contractors, making them mortal. he smiled on this as he then found him and killed him with ease and with a gun his father had given him. he then was noticed by the Syndacate and he was taken in. his job bieng the one to kill or capture rouge contractors, the oppresor.

RP Sample
A man was running through tokyo in terror as he sweated. he was breathing heavily as he stumbbled with every step. He kept looking back as if someone was chasing him and he was completely terrified of him. meanwhile, someone was walking infront of him without him noticing and he bummped into him, knovcking himself and the man over. he grew angry as his eyes began to light up and the man he crashed into burst into flames. the man then got up as he took out chalk from his poket and began to draw a dog on the wall nearby. he tried to draw it as fast as he could, but it was no use. behind him stood a kid whom looked 16 years of age. the kid was in a black cloak as he glared at this insane man without emotion. "stay away from me!' the panicing man said as he turned to the kid, "i swear i wont kill another man again, just dont kill me.'. At this point the man was on his knees and tears were running down his face. the kids face hadn't changed as a women walked behind him. she handed him a gun with a blade on it. this made the other man shriek in terror as he took away of and looked back. his eyes glowed as fire began to spark, but at the same time, the kids eyes glowed as well and the fire vanished. this made the guy scream as he turned away and continued his stummbling run. the kid then lifted the gunblade and shot two bullets into each of his kneecaps. this made the man scream in pain as he dropped to the ground. the kid then slowely walked towards him untill he stto dright above the trembbling man. he then grabbed him by the hair and lifted his head as he placed the blade along his neck. then, with one swift move, the mans life ended. a star feel that night, but it was not sagitarious.

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PostSubject: Re: tenchi nakamura/Sagitarious   Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:37 am

Move your weapons to the equipment application and make your personality longer, otherwise approved.
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PostSubject: Re: tenchi nakamura/Sagitarious   Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:44 am

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PostSubject: Re: tenchi nakamura/Sagitarious   

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tenchi nakamura/Sagitarious
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