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Kamuyamato Iwarebiko


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PostSubject: Organizations   Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:56 am

Public Security Section Twenty-Three (PSS-23) - The PSS-23 Have One Joab And One Job Only, To Exterminate ALL Contractors. They Work In Realtion With The Police To Track Contractors.

MI-6 - MI-6 is the Bristish Intelligence Agency, Their Actual Motives Are Unclear. They Work With Accordance Of The Japanese Government To Settle Problems On Japanese Soil.

The Syndicate - The Syndicate Is A Secret Organization Who Uses Contractors As Tools. Their Motives Are Completely Unknown As Is Their Whereabouts. They Own Various Places Around Tokyo Were Syndicate Members Can Hide Out In.

EPR (Evening Primrose) - A Group Of Contractors Who Fight Intolerant Organizations For Contractor Rights. They Dont Provide Displomatic Solutions So Much As "Aggressive Negotiations".

Japanese Police - The Japanese Police "Protect And Serve" The City Of Japan. Ever Since THe Gate Popped Up They Have Been Working In Accordance With Various Organizations To Take Down The Contractors And The Syndicate.

Pandora - An Organization That Tends To Hide In Plain Sight. Their Motives In The PAst Have Been To Destroy The Gate Due To The Threat I Poses To Mankind, But, By Extension That Would Destroy All Teh Contractors.
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