Darker than Black: What a demonic shade
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 dark side Template

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PostSubject: dark side Template   Sun Jan 24, 2010 2:11 am

race:(human, shadow stalkee, experiment 1-Cool
affiliation: (gov, rouge, police, moonlight shadow, Falling stars-secret organization-)
code name/nikname: (optional)


Eye color:
Body type:
Hair color:
special accesories: (accesories that have powers/ optional)
Hair style:


Rank: (ill give it to your charcater after i look at it, just leave this blank for now)

bio: (how life was for this person. if he or she is a human, give it a human story. if a shadow stalker, make it rough and hard for them in their life (most are discriminated). If an experiment, descibe their life and connections to the scientists who made the project. (P.S, its called project X-143))

RP sample: optional, might make me understand your chreacter more.
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dark side Template
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