Darker than Black: What a demonic shade
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 Foreshadowing (open to all)

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PostSubject: Foreshadowing (open to all)   Tue Feb 02, 2010 5:58 am

tenchi walked into the hotel and sat on a sofa that was taunting him throught the day. he had just captured and killed 7 more contractors that had refused his offer to join the syndacate and had attempted to kill him. Why must most contractors be so blunt and bloodthirsty, he thought. he the let his back sink into the cushion of the sofa and looked at a light shined like the heavans. he wish he could leave the life he was in and could go somewhere wonderfull, though his mission and duty here was much more important than his personal disires. he needed to make sure that this goal was complete, in order to change the meaning of life, to change what life was. he then looked forward at the mass of food that sat infront of him on a large, roll in tray, and forgot about his thoughts. he quikely ran over and grabbed a mass of food and started eating, killing is hard work and it wasn't easy. After the food he then sat back into the sofa and closed his eyes, thinking of the peacfull land that he could never experiance.
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Foreshadowing (open to all)
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