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 Una Riote (Doll)

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PostSubject: Una Riote (Doll)   Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:21 am

Una Riote
(pronounced: Yuna Riot)




Messier Catalogue Number:

She stands at an even 5'0". Her long brown-black hair reaches down to her waist. Her brown eyes sit dead in her head, holding a blank expression. Her skin is a pale white color, as she hasn't been in the sun too often.


She's started to develop emotions and is very different from normal dolls. She found a few interests and discovered the human ability to become attached to another being. She found herself interested in the anatomy of human beings and the way guns work.

Specter Observer/ Medium:

There was a girl named Rina who lived in northwest Canada. She was a simple school girl with an average life. One day, something happened. Maybe there was a gas leak. Maybe somebody didn't put out a cigarette. Nobody knows how it happened, but the house this girl lived in burned down. Several corpses were found inside, burnt to a crisp. Nobody knows if the girl Rina died in the fire or not... she may still be alive in some way.

She was created as a simple doll, but she always seemed to act a bit different. She was immediately stolen away and sent into the doll trade on the black market. She was sent around many places, many things had been done to her, none of which she protested. She eventually came along the organization named PANDORA. They didn't sell her, and didn't seem to do anything bad to her. They just asked her to follow people around and help them out. Throughout her years at the organization she started to read about certain things, specifically anatomy and the build of the human body. She couldn't recognize the words, though, they seemed too blurry. After a while, she obtained some glasses, specifically for reading, though she wears them at all times. She started to read up about guns once she was fluent with the human body. Suddenly she got paired with somebody else in the company. She started to develop new thoughts. She liked this person. She felt he was a friend. A doll with a friend. She was confused, but she was fine with it. To this day she's still in PANDORA, still paired with that same person, still doing whatever they tell her to do.

RP Sample
She placed her hand onto the cold, pale face of the man laying limp on the ground. She sensed there was somebody nearby. She moved her hand and pointed behind her, shooting a silenced bullet into the right eye of the newcomer. She looked at him fall to the ground. She walked up to him and started to dig through his pockets. She found the man's ID and shoved it in her pocket. She dropped the empty clip from her gun and shoved a new one back in. Step by step, she left the building, wading through the bodies she had to shoot down to get what she needed. Her mission was complete.
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Una Riote (Doll)
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